Created at the initiative of President Rogge, IOC President, the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) are intended to bring together the world's best athletes from 14 to 18 years old.
You will find below all programs of the YOG as Summer and Winter. It goes without saying that this page will be updated gradually according to the programs that I would get.

You will now find as many programs as I have up to now, summer as well as winter. And of course this page will be updated each time I will get new information.
Feel free to ask any questions I will be glad to answer.

2010  Singapore flag Singapour 2010-08-14 2010-08-26
2012  Innsbruck flag Austria 2012-01-13 2012-01-22
2014  Nanjing flag People's Republic of China 2014-08-16 2014-08-28
2016  Lillehammer flag Norway 2016-02-12 2016-02-21
2018  Buenos Aires flag Argentina 2018-10-01 2018-10-12
2020  Lausanne flag Switzerland -- --