1896 Athens Summer

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March 25

ATHLETICS 15h30Men's 100 m  heat 1 
ATHLETICS 15h30Men's 100 m  heat 2 
ATHLETICS 15h30Men's 100 m  heat 3 
ATHLETICS 17h10Men's 400 m  heat 1 
ATHLETICS 17h10Men's 400 m  heat 2 
ATHLETICS 16h15Men's 800 m  heat 1 
ATHLETICS 16h15Men's 800 m  heat 2 
ATHLETICS 16h25Men's Discus throw   
ATHLETICS 15h40Men's Triple jump   
CEREMONY 15h00   Opening ceremony 

March 26

ATHLETICS 16h30Men's 1,500 m   
ATHLETICS 14h30Men's 110 m hurdles  heat 1 
ATHLETICS 14h30Men's 110 m hurdles  heat 2 
ATHLETICS 15h30Men's 400 m  Final 
ATHLETICS 14h40Men's Long jump   
ATHLETICS 15h40Men's Shot put   
FENCING 10h00Men's Épée   
FENCING 10h00Men's Foil  2 pools 
FENCING 10h00Men's Foil  Final 
FENCING 10h00Men's Master foil   
FENCING 10h00Men's Sabre   
FENCING 10h00Men's Sabre   
WEIGHTLIFTING 16h30Men's Heavyweight - one hand lift   
WEIGHTLIFTING 16h30Men's Heavyweight - two hand lift   

March 27

CYCLING Track13h00Men's 100 km race   
SHOOTING 10h30Men's 200 m free rifle 40 shots any position   
TENNIS 09h00Men's Double  round 1 
TENNIS 16h00Men's Double  round 1 
TENNIS 09h00Men's Single  group play 
TENNIS 16h00Men's Single  group play 

March 28

ATHLETICS 14h30Men's 800 m  Final 
FENCING 10h00Men's Sabre   
GYMNASTICS Artistic14h40Men's Horizontal bar   
GYMNASTICS Artistic14h40Men's Horizontal bar  team 
GYMNASTICS Artistic14h40Men's Long horse vault   
GYMNASTICS Artistic14h40Men's Parallel bars  team 
GYMNASTICS Artistic14h40Men's Pommeled horse (Side horse)   
GYMNASTICS Artistic14h40Men's Rings   
SHOOTING 09h00Men's 200 m free rifle 40 shots any position   
TENNIS 09h00Men's Double  round 1 
TENNIS 09h00Men's Double  Semifinals 
TENNIS 09h00Men's Single  group play 

March 29

ATHLETICS 14h30Men's 100 m  Final 
ATHLETICS 15h30Men's 110 m hurdles  Final 
ATHLETICS 14h40Men's High jump   
ATHLETICS 14h00Men's Marathon   
ATHLETICS 15h40Men's Pole Vault   
GYMNASTICS Artistic10h00Men's Parallel bars   
GYMNASTICS Artistic10h00Men's Rope climbing   
SHOOTING 09h00Men's 25 m rapid fire pistol   
TENNIS 09h00Men's Single  group play 
TENNIS 09h00Men's Single  Semifinals 
WRESTLING Greco-roman16h30Men's Open event   

March 30

AQUATICS Swimming10h30Men's 1,200 m freestyle   
AQUATICS Swimming10h30Men's 100 m freestyle   
AQUATICS Swimming10h30Men's 100 m freestyle for sailors   
AQUATICS Swimming10h30Men's 500 m freestyle   
CYCLING Track15h00Men's 10 km race   
CYCLING Track15h00Men's 2 000 m sprint   
CYCLING Track15h00Men's One lap race   
SHOOTING 13h30Men's 25 m army pistol 30 shots   
SHOOTING 09h00Men's 30 m free pistol   
SHOOTING 09h00Men's 300 m free rifle 40 shots any position   
TENNIS 14h00Men's Double  Final 
TENNIS 14h00Men's Single  Final 
WRESTLING Greco-roman09h00Men's Open event  Final 

March 31

CYCLING Road12h17Men's Race   
SHOOTING 09h00Men's 300 m free rifle 40 shots any position   

April 1

CYCLING Track07h20Men's 12 hour race   
ROWING 10h00Men's   postponed to 15h00 then cancelled due to strong wind and higt waves 

April 2


April 3

CEREMONY 10h30   Closing ceremony