1900 Paris Summer

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accueil In 1884 Pierre of Coubertin considered to restore the Olympics during the Universal Exhibition of 1900 and as a part of it.
Different authorities didn't want these demonstrations so he tried to organize the games Independently.
No one being prophet in his country Coubertin was not more successful. So he tried his luck again and proposed the games to take part during the exhibition but as an entity: he failed again.
Finally the games were so embedded that some Athletes learned that they were Olympic champions only when they got theirs medals.
Keep in mind that I have listed below the contest from the Olympics as well as from the Exhibition.

Dates: Mai 14 - october 28, 1900
N.O.C. participants: 24
Number of sports: 18
Number of contests: 95
Number of athletes: 997
Men: 975
Women: 22