Since the games of Athens of the tests of artistic skating figures to the program. Nevertheless it will be necessary to wait the games of London so that the artistic skating becomes Olympic test. To the Game of Stockholm the Swedes who organize nordic for the beginning of century of the games refuse the tests of skating. To the Game of Paris the first tournament of hockey on ice of the Olympic history starts April 23.
During of convention of I.O.C who unwinds to Lausanne some May 25 to June 12 1921 the Clary count the marquis of Polignac and the Marrik Canadian unites their voice in order to ask the organization of games of winter to whole share. After long discussed he is decided to organize a "international week of winter sport" in 1924 to Chamonix.
These's games will be only retroactively authenticated by the I.O.C to the convention of Prague in 1925 during of the designation of Saint-Moritz in order to organize the second's winter game.
Dates : January 24- February 5
Participating N.O.C.: 16
Number of Sports : 5
Number of Events : 14
Number of Athletes : 258
Men : 245
Women : 13
Opening : lUnder Secretary for Physical Education, Gaston Vidal
Oath : Camille Mandrillon
The table of the medals alphabetically of the countries