1940 Tokyo Summer

Welcome Day Sport Helsinki Français
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September 21

CEREMONY 15h00   Opening ceremony 

September 22

ATHLETICS 16h30Men's 10 000 m walk   
ATHLETICS 14h00Men's 100 m  heat 1 
ATHLETICS 15h30Men's 400 m hurdles  heat 1 
ATHLETICS 15h00Men's 800 m  heat 1 
ATHLETICS 15h30Women's Discus throw   
ATHLETICS 16h00Women's Discus throw  heat 2 
ATHLETICS 15h00Men's High jump   
CANOEING Sprint08h00Men's C1 - 1,000 m  heats 
CANOEING Sprint17h00Men's C1 - 1,000 m  Finals 
CANOEING Sprint08h00Men's C2 - 1,000 m  heats 
CANOEING Sprint15h30Men's C2 - 1,000 m  Finals 
CANOEING Sprint08h00Men's K1 - 1,000 m  heats 
CANOEING Sprint15h00Men's K1 - 1,000 m  Finals 
CANOEING Sprint08h00Men's K2 - 1,000 m  heats 
CANOEING Sprint16h30Men's K2 - 1,000 m  Finals 
FENCING 08h00Men's Foil  eliminating rounds 
FENCING 10h00Men's Foil  team eliminating rounds 
FENCING 18h00Men's Foil  team eliminating 
FENCING 18h00Men's Foil  team Semifinals 
FENCING 20h00Men's Foil  team eliminating 
FENCING 20h00Men's Foil  team Semifinals 
MODERN PENTATHLON Men's   riding: 5,000 m cross-country 
WRESTLING Freestyle08h00Men's   Weighing-in 
WRESTLING Freestyle11h00Men's   round 1 
WRESTLING Freestyle19h00Men's   round 1 

September 23

ATHLETICS 15h30Women's 100 m  heat 1 
ATHLETICS 15h15Men's 100 m  Semifinals 
ATHLETICS 17h00Men's 100 m  Final 
ATHLETICS 16h15Men's 3,000 m steeplechase  heats 
ATHLETICS 15h00Men's 400 m hurdles  Semifinals 
ATHLETICS 16h45Men's 400 m hurdles  Final 
ATHLETICS 16h00Men's 800 m  Semifinals 
ATHLETICS 16h00Men's Hammer throw   
ATHLETICS 14h30Women's Javelin throw   
ATHLETICS 15h00Men's Long jump   
CANOEING Sprint17h00Men's C2 - 10,000 m   
CANOEING Sprint16h50Men's F1 Collapsible - 10,000 m   
CANOEING Sprint15h40Men's F2 Collapsible - 10,000 m   
CANOEING Sprint16h40Men's K1 - 10,000 m   
CANOEING Sprint15h30Men's K2 - 10 000 m   
FENCING 20h00Women's Foil  eliminating rounds 
MODERN PENTATHLON Men's   fencing: epee 
WRESTLING Freestyle08h00Men's   weighing-in 
WRESTLING Freestyle10h00Men's   round 2 
WRESTLING Freestyle19h00Men's   round 2 

September 24

ATHLETICS 15h00Women's 100 m  Semifinals 
ATHLETICS 17h00Women's 100 m  Final 
ATHLETICS 14h00Men's 200 m  heat 1 
ATHLETICS 15h30Men's 200 m  heat 2 
ATHLETICS 16h15Men's 5,000 m  heats 
ATHLETICS 16h00Men's 800 m  Final 
ATHLETICS 15h00Men's Discus throw   
ATHLETICS 14h00Men's Pole Vault   
FENCING 10h00Women's Foil  Semifinals 
FENCING 08h00Men's Foil  Final team 
FENCING 10h00Men's Foil  Final team 
FENCING 18h00Men's Foil  team Final 
MODERN PENTATHLON Men's   shooting 
SAILING boatAM    
WRESTLING Freestyle08h00Men's   weighing-in 
WRESTLING Freestyle10h00Men's   Semifinals 
WRESTLING Freestyle19h00Men's   Final 

September 25

ATHLETICS 15h45Men's 1,500 m  heats 
ATHLETICS 15h15Men's 110 m hurdles  heat 1 
ATHLETICS 15h00Men's 200 m  Semifinals 
ATHLETICS 16h30Men's 200 m  Final 
ATHLETICS 12h00Men's 50 km walk   
ATHLETICS 14h30Women's 80 m hurdles  heat 1 
ATHLETICS 16h15Women's 80 m hurdles  Semifinals 
ATHLETICS 16h00Men's Shot put   
ATHLETICS 15h00Men's Triple jump   
FENCING 20h00Women's Foil  Final 
FENCING 08h00Men's Foil  eliminating rounds 
FENCING 18h00Men's Foil  Quarterfinals 
HOCKEY PMMen's    
MODERN PENTATHLON Men's   swimming: 300 m freestyle 
SAILING boatAM    

September 26

ATHLETICS 16h00Men's 1,500 m   
ATHLETICS 15h00Men's 110 m hurdles  Semifinals 
ATHLETICS 16h30Men's 110 m hurdles  Final 
ATHLETICS 15h30Men's 400 m  heat 1 
ATHLETICS 17h00Men's 400 m  heat 2 
ATHLETICS 15h00Women's 80 m hurdles  Final 
ATHLETICS 16h00Men's Javelin throw   
ATHLETICS 16h15Women's Shot put   
BASKET-BALL IndoorPMMen's    
FENCING 08h00Men's Foil  Semifinals 
FENCING 18h00Men's Foil  Final 
HOCKEY PMMen's    
MODERN PENTATHLON Men's   athletics: 4,000 m cross-country 
SAILING boatAM    

September 27

ATHLETICS 14h30Women's 200 m  heat 1 
ATHLETICS 17h00Women's 200 m  Semifinals 
ATHLETICS 15h00Men's 400 m  Semifinals 
ATHLETICS 16h30Men's 400 m  Final 
ATHLETICS 15h15Men's 5,000 m  Final 
ATHLETICS 09h00Men's Decathlon  100 m 
ATHLETICS 10h00Men's Decathlon  long jump 
ATHLETICS 14h00Men's Decathlon  shot put 
ATHLETICS 15h00Men's Decathlon  high jump 
ATHLETICS 16h45Men's Decathlon  400 m 
BASKET-BALL IndoorPMMen's    
FENCING 08h00Men's Épée  team eliminating rounds 
FENCING 10h00Men's Épée  team eliminating rounds 
FENCING 18h00Men's Épée  team Semifinals 
FENCING 20h00Men's Épée  team Semifinals 
HOCKEY PMMen's    
SAILING boatAM    
WRESTLING Greco-roman08h00Men's   Weighing-in 
WRESTLING Greco-roman11h00Men's   round 1 
WRESTLING Greco-roman19h00Men's   round 1 

September 28

AQUATICS SwimmingPMWomen's 100 m freestyle  heats 
AQUATICS SwimmingAMMen's 100 m freestyle  heats 
AQUATICS SwimmingPMMen's 100 m freestyle  Semifinals 
AQUATICS SwimmingAMWomen's 200 m breaststroke  heats 
AQUATICS Water-PoloAMMen's    
AQUATICS Water-PoloPMMen's    
ATHLETICS 15h30Women's 200 m  Final 
ATHLETICS 16h00Men's 3,000 m steeplechase  Final 
ATHLETICS 15h00Men's 4 x 100 m relay  heats 
ATHLETICS 16h30Men's 4 x 400 m relay  heats 
ATHLETICS 09h00Men's Decathlon  110 m hurdles 
ATHLETICS 09h30Men's Decathlon  discus throw 
ATHLETICS 14h00Men's Decathlon  pole vault 
ATHLETICS 15h30Men's Decathlon  javelin throw 
ATHLETICS 17h00Men's Decathlon  1,500 m 
BASKET-BALL IndoorPMMen's    
FENCING 08h00Men's Épée  team Final 
FENCING 10h00Men's Épée  team Final 
FENCING 18h00Men's Épée  team Final 
HOCKEY PMMen's    
SAILING boatAM    
WRESTLING Greco-roman08h00Men's   weighing-in 
WRESTLING Greco-roman10h00Men's   round 2 
WRESTLING Greco-roman19h00Men's   round 2 

September 29

AQUATICS DivingAMMen's 3 m springboard   
AQUATICS SwimmingPMWomen's 100 m freestyle  Semifinals 
AQUATICS SwimmingPMMen's 100 m freestyle  Final 
AQUATICS SwimmingAMWomen's 200 m breaststroke  Semifinals 
AQUATICS Water-PoloAMMen's    
AQUATICS Water-PoloPMMen's    
ATHLETICS 14h35Men's 10,000 m  Final 
ATHLETICS 14h15Women's 4 x 100 m relay  Final 
ATHLETICS 15h40Men's 4 x 100 m relay  Final 
ATHLETICS 16h00Men's 4 x 400 m relay  Final 
ATHLETICS 14h30Women's High jump  Final 
ATHLETICS 14h00Men's Marathon   
BASKET-BALL IndoorPMMen's    
FENCING 08h00Men's Épée  eliminating rounds 
FENCING 18h00Men's Épée  Quarterfinals 
HOCKEY PMMen's    
SAILING boatAM    
WRESTLING Greco-roman08h00Men's   weighing-in 
WRESTLING Greco-roman10h00Men's   Semifinals 
WRESTLING Greco-roman19h00Men's   Semifinals 

September 30

AQUATICS DivingAMWomen's 3 m springboard   
AQUATICS SwimmingPMWomen's 100 m freestyle  Final 
AQUATICS SwimmingAMMen's 4 x 200 m freestyle relay  heats 
AQUATICS SwimmingPMMen's 400 m freestyle  heats 
AQUATICS Water-PoloAMMen's    
AQUATICS Water-PoloPMMen's    
BASKET-BALL IndoorPMMen's    
FENCING 08h00Men's Épée  Semifinals 
FENCING 18h00Men's Épée  Final 
HOCKEY PMMen's    
SAILING boatAM    
WRESTLING Greco-roman08h00Men's   weighing-in 
WRESTLING Greco-roman10h00Men's   Finals 
WRESTLING Greco-roman19h00Men's   Finals 

October 1

AQUATICS DivingAMMen's 3 m springboard   
AQUATICS DivingPMMen's 3 m springboard   
AQUATICS SwimmingAMWomen's 100 m backstroke  heats 
AQUATICS SwimmingPMMen's 4 x 200 m freestyle relay  Final 
AQUATICS SwimmingAMMen's 400 m freestyle  Semifinals 
AQUATICS Water-PoloAMMen's    
AQUATICS Water-PoloPMMen's    
BASKET-BALL IndoorPMMen's    
BOXING 09h00Men's 46 - 49 kg  weighing-in 
BOXING 15h00Men's 46 - 49 kg  eliminating bouts 
BOXING 20h00Men's 46 - 49 kg  eliminating bouts 
EQUESTRIAN AMMen's Dressage   
EQUESTRIAN PMMen's Dressage   
FENCING 08h00Men's Sabre  team eliminating rounds 
FENCING 10h00Men's Sabre  team eliminating rounds 
FENCING 18h00Men's Sabre  team Semifinals 
FENCING 20h00Men's Sabre  team Semifinals 
ROWING 09h00Men's   heats 
ROWING 13h00Men's   heats 

October 2

AQUATICS DivingAMWomen's 3 m springboard   
AQUATICS DivingPMWomen's 3 m springboard   
AQUATICS SwimmingPMWomen's 100 m backstroke  Semifinals 
AQUATICS SwimmingPMMen's 100 m backstroke  heats 
AQUATICS SwimmingAMWomen's 4 x 100 m freestyle relay  heats 
AQUATICS SwimmingPMMen's 400 m freestyle  Final 
AQUATICS Water-PoloAMMen's    
AQUATICS Water-PoloPMMen's    
BASKET-BALL IndoorPMMen's    
BOXING 09h00Men's 46 - 49 kg  weighing-in 
BOXING 15h00Men's 46 - 49 kg  round 2 
BOXING 20h00Men's 46 - 49 kg  round 2 
CYCLING Track14h00    
EQUESTRIAN AMMen's Dressage   
FENCING 08h00Men's Sabre  team Final 
FENCING 10h00Men's Sabre  team Final 
FENCING 18h00Men's Sabre  team Final 
HOCKEY PMMen's    
ROWING 13h00Men's   reclassifications 

October 3

AQUATICS DivingAMWomen's 10 m platform   
AQUATICS SwimmingAMMen's 1,500 m freestyle  heats 1 & 2 
AQUATICS SwimmingPMMen's 1,500 m freestyle  heat 3 
AQUATICS SwimmingPMWomen's 100 m backstroke  Final 
AQUATICS SwimmingPMMen's 100 m backstroke  Semifinals 
AQUATICS SwimmingPMMen's 200 m breaststroke  heats 
AQUATICS SwimmingAMWomen's 400 m freestyle  heats 
AQUATICS Water-PoloAMMen's    
AQUATICS Water-PoloPMMen's    
BASKET-BALL IndoorPMMen's    
BOXING 09h00Men's 46 - 49 kg  weighing-in 
BOXING 15h00Men's 46 - 49 kg  round 3 
BOXING 20h00Men's 46 - 49 kg  round 3 
CYCLING Track14h00    
EQUESTRIAN AMMen's 3-day event  dressage 
EQUESTRIAN PMMen's 3-day event  dressage 
FENCING 08h00Men's Sabre  eliminating rounds 
FENCING 18h00Men's Sabre  Quarterfinals 
HOCKEY PMMen's    
ROWING 14h00Men's   Semifinals 

October 4

AQUATICS DivingAMMen's 10 m platform   
AQUATICS SwimmingPMMen's 1,500 m freestyle  Semifinals 
AQUATICS SwimmingPMMen's 100 m backstroke  Final 
AQUATICS SwimmingPMMen's 200 m breaststroke  Semifinals 
AQUATICS SwimmingPMWomen's 4 x 100 m freestyle relay  Final 
AQUATICS SwimmingAMWomen's 400 m freestyle  Semifinals 
AQUATICS Water-PoloAMMen's    
AQUATICS Water-PoloPMMen's    
BASKET-BALL IndoorPMMen's    
BOXING 09h00Men's 46 - 49 kg  weighing-in 
BOXING 20h00Men's 46 - 49 kg  Semifinals 
EQUESTRIAN AMMen's 3-day event  endurance, speed and cross-country 
FENCING 08h00Men's Sabre  Semifinals 
FENCING 18h00Men's Sabre  Final 
ROWING 14h00Men's Coxed four (4+)  Final 
ROWING 16h00Men's Coxed pair (2+)  Final 
ROWING 15h30Men's Coxless four (4-)  Final 
ROWING 14h30Men's Coxless pair (2-)  Final 
ROWING 16h30Men's Double sculls (M2x)  Final 
ROWING 17h00Men's Eight (M8+)  Final 
ROWING 15h00Men's Single scull (M1x)  Final 

October 5

AQUATICS DivingAMWomen's 10 m platform   
AQUATICS DivingPMWomen's 10 m platform   
AQUATICS DivingAMMen's 10 m platform   
AQUATICS DivingPMMen's 10 m platform   
AQUATICS SwimmingPMMen's 1,500 m freestyle  Final 
AQUATICS SwimmingPMMen's 200 m breaststroke  Final 
AQUATICS SwimmingPMWomen's 400 m freestyle  Final 
AQUATICS Water-PoloAMMen's    
AQUATICS Water-PoloPMMen's    
BASKET-BALL IndoorPMMen's    
BOXING 09h00Men's 46 - 49 kg  Finals 
CYCLING RoadMen's Race  150 km 
CYCLING RoadMen's Race  team 150 km 
EQUESTRIAN PMMen's 3-day event  jumping 

October 6

EQUESTRIAN PMMen's Jumping  Prix des Nations 
CEREMONY 14h00   Closing ceremony