1952 Oslo Winter

Welcome Day Sport Results Français
medaille de vainqueur medaille de participant



February 1411h00Men's Two-man  run 1 
February 1411h00Men's Two-man  run 2 
February 1514h00Men's Two-man  run 3 
February 1514h00Men's Two-man  run 4 
February 2111h00Men's Four-man  run 1 
February 2111h00Men's Four-man  run 2 
February 2211h00Men's Four-man  run 3 
February 2211h00Men's Four-man  run 4 


February 1510h00   Opening ceremony 
February 2519h00   Closing ceremony 


Ice Hockey

February 1517h00Men's   United State of America - Norway 
February 1519h00Men's   Sweden - Finland 
February 1519h00Men's   Czechoslovakia - Poland 
February 1521h00Men's   Canada - Germany 
February 1617h00Men's   Switzerland - Finland 
February 1619h00Men's   United State of America - Germany 
February 1619h00Men's   Czechoslovakia - Norway 
February 1621h00Men's   Sweden - Poland 
February 1717h00Men's   Sweden - Norway 
February 1719h00Men's   Canada - Finland 
February 1719h00Men's   Switzerland - Poland 
February 1721h00Men's   Czechoslovakia - Germany 
February 1817h00Men's   United State of America - Finland 
February 1819h00Men's   Canada - Poland 
February 1819h00Men's   Switzerland - Norway 
February 1821h00Men's   Sweden - Germany 
February 1917h00Men's   Canada - Czechoslovakia 
February 1921h00Men's   United State of America - Switzerland 
February 2017h00Men's   Poland - Germany 
February 2021h00Men's   Finland - Norway 
February 2117h00Men's   Sweden - United State of America 
February 2119h00Men's   Canada - Switzerland 
February 2119h00Men's   Czechoslovakia - Finland 
February 2121h00Men's   Germany - Norway 
February 2214h00Men's   Finland - Germany 
February 2217h00Men's   Czechoslovakia - Switzerland 
February 2219h00Men's   United State of America - Poland 
February 2221h00Men's   Canada - Sweden 
February 2317h00Men's   Sweden - Switzerland 
February 2319h00Men's   Canada - Norway 
February 2319h00Men's   Poland - Finland 
February 2321h00Men's   United State of America - Czechoslovakia 
February 2416h00Men's   Switzerland - Germany 
February 2417h00Men's   Czechoslovakia - Sweden 
February 2421h00Men's   Canada - United State of America 
February 2511h00Men's   Poland - Norway 
February 2517h00Men's   Sweden - Czechoslovakia 

Skating Artistic

February 1709h00Women's   imposed figures 
February 1909h00Men's   imposed figures 
February 2019h00Women's   free figures 
February 2119h00Men's   free figures 
February 2219h00Mixed Pairs   

Skating speed

February 1615h00Men's 500 m   
February 1716h00Men's 5,000 m   
February 1817h00Men's 1,500 m   
February 1910h00Men's 10,000 m   

Ski Alpine

February 1413h00Women's Giant slalom   
February 1513h00Men's Giant slalom   
February 1613h00Men's Downhill   
February 1710h30Women's Downhill   
February 1913h00Men's Slalom  run 1 
February 1913h00Men's Slalom  run 2 
February 2014h00Women's Slalom  run 1 
February 2014h00Women's Slalom  run 2 

Ski cross country

February 1811h00Men's 18 km   
February 2010h00Men's 50 km   
February 2310h00Women's 10 km   
February 2312h00Men's 4 x 10 km relay   

Ski jumping

February 2413h30Men's Special hill 70 m   

Ski nordic combied

February 1712h30Men's Normal hill  jumping 
February 1811h00Men's Normal hill  cross-country: 18 km