1956 Cortina d'Empezzo Winter

Welcome Day Sport Results Français
medaille de vainqueur medaille de participant


January 2708h00Men's Two-man  run 1 
January 2708h00Men's Two-man  run 2 
January 2808h00Men's Two-man  run 3 
January 2808h00Men's Two-man  run 4 
February 308h00Men's Four-man  run 1 
February 308h00Men's Four-man  run 2 
February 408h00Men's Four-man  run 3 
February 408h00Men's Four-man  run 4 


January 2611h30   Opening ceremony 
February 517h00   Closing ceremony 

Ice Hockey

January 2619h00Men's   elimination pool, pool A: Austria - Italy 
January 2621h30Men's   elimination pool, pool A: Canada - Germany 
January 2710h30Men's   elimination pool, pool B: Czechoslovakia - United State of America 
January 2714h30Men's   elimination pool, pool A: Austria - Canada 
January 2719h00Men's   elimination pool, pool A: Germany - Italy 
January 2721h30Men's   elimination pool, pool C: Sweden - Soviet - Union 
January 2814h30Men's   elimination pool, pool B: Poland - United State of America 
January 2819h00Men's   elimination pool, pool C: Sweden - Switzerland 
January 2821h30Men's   elimination pool, pool A: Canada - Italy 
January 2916h00Men's   elimination pool, pool A: Austria - Germany 
January 2919h00Men's   elimination pool, pool B: Czechoslovakia - Poland 
January 2921h30Men's   elimination pool, pool C: Switzerland - Soviet Union 
January 3015h00Men's   final pool: Germany - United State of America 
January 3019h00Men's   final pool: Soviet Union - Sweden 
January 3021h30Men's   final pool: Czechoslovakia - Canada 
January 3115h00Men's   final pool: Czechoslovakia - Sweden 
January 3115h30Men's   final pool: Switzerland - Austria 
January 3119h00Men's   final pool: Soviet Union - Germany 
January 3121h30Men's   final pool: United State of America - Canada 
February 119h00Men's   final pool: Italy - Austria 
February 121h00Men's   final pool: Switzerland - Poland 
February 210h00Men's   final pool: Canada - Germany 
February 212h00Men's   final pool: Italy - Switzerland 
February 216h00Men's   final pool: Poland - Austria 
February 219h30Men's   final pool: United State of America - Sweden 
February 222h00Men's   final pool: Czechoslovakia - Soviet Union 
February 310h30Men's   final pool: Italy - Poland 
February 311h00Men's   final pool: Canada -Sweden 
February 319h00Men's   final pool: Czechoslovakia - Germany 
February 321h30Men's   final pool: United State of America - Soviet Union 
February 415h00Men's   final pool: Germany - Sweden 
February 419h00Men's   final pool: United State of America - Czechoslovakia 
February 421h30Men's   final pool: Canada - Soviet Union 

Skating Artistic

January 2907h30Men's   compulsory figures 
January 3008h30Women's   compulsory figures 
January 3109h00Women's   compulsory figures 
February 114h30Men's   free skating 
February 214h30Women's   free skating 
February 314h30Mixed Pairs   

Skating speed

January 2812h00Men's 500 m   
January 2911h00Men's 5,000 m   
January 3014h00Men's 1,500 m   
January 3110h30Men's 10,000 m   

Ski Alpine

January 2711h00Women's Giant slalom   
January 2910h30Men's Giant slalom   
January 3011h00Women's Slalom  run 1 
January 3011h00Women's Slalom  run 2 
January 3110h30Men's Slalom  run 1 
January 3110h30Men's Slalom  run 2 
February 111h30Women's Downhill   
February 311h00Men's Downhill   

Ski cross country

January 2709h00Men's 30 km   
January 2810h00Women's 10 km   
January 3009h00Men's 15 km   
February 109h30Women's 3 x 5 km relay   
February 208h00Men's 50 km   
February 409h00Men's 4 x 10 km relay   

Ski jumping

February 511h00Men's Special hill 70 m   

Ski nordic combied

January 2914h30Men's Normal hill  jumping 
January 3109h00Men's Normal hill  cross country 15 km