embleme THE XVIIth SUMMER GAMES torche
The Roma Games had an extraordinary impact on our western countries, and this for 2 reasons: their unique setting and the tv who made it possible for every family to get the images from Eternal City.
So, 16 centuries after a law by emperor Theodose had "killed" the Olympic antic games. The Olympic spirit, full of energy again, was going to triumph in the very location where they had been condemned.
Dates : August 25 - September 11
Participating N.O.C.: 83
Number of Sports: 17
Number of Events: 150
Number of Athletes: 5346
Men's : 4736
Women's : 610
Opening: Giovanni Gronchi, Republic President
Oath : Adolfo Consoloni
Number of torch bearer: 1 529
Final Torch Bearer: Giancarlo Peris
Candidates cities: Lausanne (SUI), Detroit (USA), Budapest (HUN), Bruxelles (BEL), Mexico (MEX) and Tokyo (JPN)
The table of the medals alphabetically of the countries