embleme THE XIXth SUMMER GAMES torche
The choice of Mexico City in 1968 for the celebration of the games of the 19th olympiad knocked the reticence of some federations international and Men's y Olympic national worried committees some effects that could have the altitude (2 250 m) on the behavior of the Athletes and of cost of the preparation to this adaptation to which the poor countries must renounce.
Dates : October 12 to 27
Participating N.O.C.: 113
Number of Sports: 18
Number of Events: 172
Number of Athletes: 5531
Men's : 4750
Women's : 781
Opening: Gustavo diaz, Republic President
Oath : Pablo Garrido
Number of torch bearer: 2 778
Final Torch Bearer: Norma Enriqueta Basilio de Sotelo
Candidates cities: Detroit (USA), Lyon (FRA) and Buenos Aires (ARG)
The table of the medals alphabetically of the countries