1976 Innsbruck Winter

Welcome Day Sport Results Français
medaille de vainqueur medaille de participant


February 608h30Men's 20 km   
February 1310h10Men's 4 x 7,5 km relay   


February 614h30Men's Two-man  run 1 
February 616h00Men's Two-man  run 2 
February 714h30Men's Two-man  run 3 
February 715h53Men's Two-man  run 4 
February 1314h32Men's Four-man  run 1 
February 1315h54Men's Four-man  run 2 
February 1414h30Men's Four-man  run 3 
February 1415h25Men's Four-man  run 4 


February 414h00   Opening ceremony 
February 1520h00   Closing ceremony 

Ice Hockey

February 214h00Men's   preliminary: Poland - Romania 
February 217h00Men's   preliminary: Czechoslovakia - Bulgaria 
February 220h00Men's   preliminary: Federal Republic of Germany - Switzerland 
February 314h00Men's   preliminary: Finland - Japan 
February 317h00Men's   preliminary: United State of America - Yugoslavia 
February 320h00Men's   preliminary: Soviet Union - Austria 
February 514h00Men's   group B: Switzerland - Yugoslavia 
February 517h00Men's   group B: Romania - Japan 
February 520h00Men's   group B: Austria - Bulgaria 
February 613h00Men's   group A: Poland - Federal Republic of Germany 
February 616h00Men's   group A: Soviet Union - United State of America 
February 620h00Men's   group A: Czechoslovakia - Finland 
February 714h00Men's   group B: Yugoslavia - Romania 
February 717h00Men's   group B: Bulgaria - Switzerland 
February 720h00Men's   group B: Austria - Japan 
February 813h00Men's   group A: Soviet Union - Poland 
February 816h00Men's   group A: Federal Republic of Germany - Finland 
February 820h00Men's   group A: Czechoslovakia - United State of America 
February 914h00Men's   group B: Bulgaria - Yugoslavia 
February 917h00Men's   group B: Switzerland - Japan 
February 920h00Men's   group B: Romania - Austria 
February 1013h00Men's   group A: United State of America - Finland 
February 1016h00Men's   group A: Poland - Czechoslovakia 
February 1020h00Men's   group A: Soviet Union - Federal Republic of Germany 
February 1114h00Men's   group B: Romania - Bulgaria 
February 1117h00Men's   group B: Yugoslavia - Japan 
February 1120h00Men's   group B: Switzerland - Austria 
February 1213h00Men's   group A: Poland - United State of America 
February 1216h00Men's   group A: Czechoslovakia - Federal Republic of Germany 
February 1220h00Men's   group A: Finland - Soviet Union 
February 1314h00Men's   group B: Bulgaria - Japan 
February 1317h00Men's   group B: Romania - Switzerland 
February 1320h00Men's   group B: Austria - Yugoslavia 
February 1413h00Men's   group A: Federal Republic of Germany - United State of America 
February 1416h00Men's   group A: Poland - Finland 
February 1420h00Men's   group A: Czechoslovakia - Soviet Union 


February 420h05Men's Single  run 1 
February 420h05Women's Single  run 1 
February 509h58Women's Single  run 2 
February 509h58Men's Single  run 2 
February 609h58Women's Single  run 3 
February 609h58Men's Single  run 3 
February 710h14Women's Single  run 4 
February 710h14Men's Single  run 4 
February 1009h00Men's Double  run 1 
February 1010h05Men's Double  run 2 

Skating Artistic

February 417h00Mixed Dance  prescribed pattern 
February 518h00Mixed Dance  original set pattern 
February 520h00Mixed Pairs  short program 
February 719h30Mixed Pairs  free skating 
February 808h00Men's   compulsory exercises 
February 914h30Men's   short program 
February 919h30Mixed Dance  free 
February 1008h00Women's   compulsory exercises 
February 1114h30Women's   short program 
February 1119h30Men's   free program 
February 1319h30Women's   free program 

Skating speed

February 510h00Women's 1,500 m   
February 610h30Women's 500 m   
February 710h30Women's 1,000 m   
February 809h45Women's 3,000 m   
February 1010h30Men's 500 m   
February 1109h30Men's 5,000 m   
February 1210h00Men's 1,000 m   
February 1310h00Men's 1,500 m   
February 1409h00Men's 10,000 m   

Ski Alpine

February 512h30Men's Alpine combined  downhill 
February 512h30Men's Downhill   
February 812h30Women's Downhill   
February 912h30Men's Giant slalom  run 1 
February 1012h30Men's Giant slalom  run 2 
February 1111h30Women's Slalom  run 1 
February 1113h00Women's Slalom  run 2 
February 1312h30Women's Giant slalom   
February 1410h00Men's Slalom  run 1 
February 1410h00Men's Alpine combined  slalom: run 1 
February 1413h00Men's Slalom  run 2 
February 1413h00Men's Alpine combined  slalom: run 2 

Ski cross country

February 509h00Men's 30 km   
February 710h00Women's 5 km   
February 809h00Men's 15 km   
February 1009h30Women's 10 km   
February 1209h00Women's 4 x 5 km relay   
February 1209h00Men's 4 x 10 km relay   
February 1409h00Men's 50 km   

Ski jumping

February 713h00Men's Special hill 70 m   
February 1513h00Men's Large hill 90 m   

Ski nordic combied

February 813h00Men's Normal hill  jump 70 m 
February 909h00Men's Normal hill  cross country 15 km