embleme The XXVth SUMMER GAMES torche
August 9
athletics ATHLETICS 18h30 Men's Marathon
equestrian EQUESTRIAN 09h00 Jumping Final: run 1
13h30 Jumping Final: run2
volley VOLLEY-BALL 10h30 Men's Bronze medal Match: United States of America - Cuba
13h00 Men's Final: Brazil - Netherlands
15h00 Men's classification 7th - 8th place: Unified Team - Spain
17h30 Men's classification 5th - 6th place: Italy - Japan
water-polo WATER-POLO 09h00 Men's classifying round 7th - 8th place: Germany - Cuba
10h15 Men's classifying round 11th - 12th place: France - Czecoslovakia
11h30 Men's classifying round 5th - 6th place: Australia - Hungary
14h00 Men's classifying round 9th - 10th place: Netherlands - Greece
15h15 Men's Bronze medal Match: United State of America - Unified Team
16h45 Men's Final: Spain - Italy
CEREMONY 22h00 Closing ceremony