A proposal for a new procedure for the selection of the host of the 2006 Olympic Winter Game was submitted by the Executive Board to the 108th Session, which took place on 17th and 18th of March 1999 in Lausanne. The reform called for the creation of a selection college who had the task of selecting two finalist cities from among the six finalists.
The selection of the host city took place immediately after the two finalist cities, Turin and Sion, were selected. The vote was put to the full IOC Session by secret ballot which was televised for the first time. It is significant that the election of the Selection College, the designation of two finalist cities and the election of the host city all took place immediately after one another on the same day.
We have for the first time to my knowledge with two cuts of publicity during the retransmission of the opening ceremony by the RAI as so certain countries had less imortance that of other (inadmissible). It is also advisable to notice the absence of official program and that since the 1st Gaqmes in Chamonix and finally, one of the official supplier offered a product on the summer Games of Monaco in 1972.
Dates : February 10 to 26
Participating N.O.C.: 80
Number of Sports: 7
Number of Events: 84
Number of Athletes: 2508
Men: 1548
Women: 960
Volonteers : 18 000
Medias : 9 408
Opening: Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, Republic President
Oath : Giorgio Rocca
Official oath : Fabio Bianchetti
Number of torch bearer: 10 001
Final Torch Bearers : Stefania Belmondo
Candidates cities: Sion (SUI), Helsinki, Finand Klagenfurt (AUS), Poprad-Tatry (SLO) and Zakopane (POL)
The table of the medals alphabetically of the countries
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