1988 Seoul Summer

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The 8thParalympic Games

  The 1988 Paralympics marked the first time in 24 years the Paralympics took place in the same venue as the Olympics. The Seoul Paralympic Organising Committee (SPOC) had only a tangential relationship with the Seoul Olympic Organising Committee (SLOC), though it was substantial enough to recruit and train many of the sport and technical officials for the Paralympic Games too.
Dates: October 16-25, 1988
Number of sports: 18
Number of contests: 732
Number of athletes: 3059
Men: 2380
Women: 679
Volonteers: 6431
Media: 2368
Opening: President ROH Tae-Woo
Oath: KIM So-Boo
Oath juges: CHUNG, So-Boo
Last torch bearer: JAE-WOON Lee, MEE Kim Hynn
Bids towns: Nagoya (JPN)