1984 New York Summer

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The 7thParalympic Games

welcome The 1984 Paralympic Games were held in both Europe and North /> Initially, the four disability groups at the time were supposed to compete together in the USA, as the IOC had announced in 1977 that the 1984 Olympic Games would be held in Los Angeles. But the independent sports organisations for athletes with an impairment had no formal relations with the Olympic Organising Committee.
Therefore, in 1980, the American National Wheelchair Athletic Association, an affiliated organisation to the International Stoke Mandeville Games Federation, announced it would hold its own Games for wheelchair athletes in a separate location.
As a result, the other three impairment groups combined their efforts and chose New York as their Games venue.
Dates: June 17-30, 1984
Number of sports: 15
Number of contests: 973
Number of athletes: 1750
Men: 1278
Women: 472
Volonteers: 0
Media: 0
Opening: President Ronald REAGAN
Oath: Olavur KONGSBAK
Oath juges: Jack ABRAMSON
Last torch bearer: Jan WILSON, Kevin STARK, Margo MADDOX, William LEHR