1924 Chamonix Winter

Welcome Day Sport Results Français
medaille de vainqueur medaille de participant

January 24

CEREMONY 13h45   Opening ceremony 

January 26

SKATING Speed12h45Men's 5,000 m   
SKATING Speed10h30Men's 500 m   

January 27

SKATING Speed10h00Men's 1,500 m   
SKATING Speed13h00Men's 10,000 m   

January 28

CURLING 10h00Men's   Sweden - France 
CURLING 10h30Men's   Sweden - France 
HOCKEY 10h30Men's   Sweden - Switzerland 
HOCKEY 13h00Men's   Belgium - United State of America 
HOCKEY 15h00Men's   Canada - Czechoslovakia 
SKATING Artistics09h30Women's   compulsory figures 

January 29

BIATHLON 08h00Men's Military patrol  30 km 
CURLING 10h00Men's   Sweden - Great Britain 
HOCKEY 10h30Men's   France - Great Britain 
HOCKEY 15h00Men's   Canada - Sweden 
SKATING Artistics13h30Women's   free skating 
SKATING Artistics09h30Men's   compulsory figures 

January 30

CURLING 10h00Men's   Great Britain - France 
HOCKEY 09h30Men's   Canada - Switzerland 
HOCKEY 10h45Men's   Great Britain - Belgium 
HOCKEY 14h30Men's   United State of America - France 
SKATING Artistics13h30Men's   free skating 
SKIING Cross-country08h30Men's 50 km   

January 31

HOCKEY 09h30Men's   United State of America - Great Britain 
HOCKEY 10h45Men's   France - Belgium 
HOCKEY 14h30Men's   Sweden - Czechoslovakia 
SKATING Artistics13h30Mixed Pairs   

February 1

HOCKEY 09h30Men's   Czechoslovakia - Switzerland 
HOCKEY 13h30Men's   Semifinal: Canada - Great Britain 
HOCKEY 14h45Men's   Semifinal: United State of America - Sweden 

February 2

BOBSLEIGH 10h00Men's Four-man  run 1 
BOBSLEIGH 10h00Men's Four-man  run 2 
HOCKEY 14h30Men's   Bronze Medal Match: Great Britain - Sweden 
SKIING Cross-country09h30Men's 18 km   
SKIING Nordic Combined09h30Men's Normal hill  cross country 18 km 

February 3

BOBSLEIGH 10h00Men's Four-man  run 3 
BOBSLEIGH 10h00Men's Four-man  run 4 
HOCKEY 14h30Men's   Final: Canada - United State of America 

February 4

SKIING Jump14h00Men's Hill  60 m 
SKIING Nordic Combined12h00Men's Normal hill  jump 

February 5

CEREMONY 11h00   Closing ceremony