1900 Paris Summer

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  In 1884, Pierre de Coubertin had planned to restore the Olympic Games during the 1900 World's Fair. Various authorities did not want these events, so he tried to organise the Games outside the exhibition. As no one was a prophet in his own country, Coubertin did not obtain the organisation of the Games outside the Exhibition. He then tried to ensure that the Olympic events were dissociated from the other events, but this was another failure. In the end, the Games were so intertwined that some athletes learned they were Olympic champions at the medal ceremony. I would like to make it clear that all the sporting events of the World Expo are listed, not just the Olympic events, but only the Olympic events are listed in the search module.
Dates: Mai 14 - october 28, 1900
N.O.C. participants: 24
Number of sports: 18
Number of contests: 95
Number of athletes: 997
Men: 975
Women: 22
Volonteers: 0
Media: 0
Number of torch bearer: 0