2018 PyeongChang Winter

Welcome Day Sport Results Français

  The Opening Ceremony was marked by the parade and carrying of the Olympic Torch by athletes from the Two Koreas. On the other hand, Russian athletes paraded and competed under the title of Russian Olympic Athlete, following the doping organized in Sochi. That hasn't stopped some Russians from resorting to these cheating methods over and over again.
Dates: February 9 - 25, 2018
N.O.C. participants: 92
Number of sports: 15
Number of contests: 102
Number of athletes: 2
Men: 1
Women: 1
Volonteers: 22
Media: 13
Opening: President Moon Jae-in
Oath: MO Tae-bum
Oath juges: KIM Woosik
Oath coach: PARK Ki-ho
Number of torch bearer: 7500
Last torch bearer: Yuna Kim
Bids towns: Munich (GER), Annecy (FRA)