1992 Albertville Winter

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  Appointed on 17 October 1986 at the session held in Lausanne thanks to the action of the Presidents of its Organising Committee, Michel Barnier and Jean-Claude Killy. It was the third time that France hosted the Winter Games, Chamonix in 1924, Grenoble in 1968, and it was also the centenary of Coubertin's call for the re-establishment of the Olympic Games.
Dates: February 8 - 23, 1992
N.O.C. participants: 64
Number of sports: 7
Number of contests: 57
Number of athletes: 1801
Men: 1313
Women: 588
Volonteers: 8647
Media: 5894
Opening: François Mitterrand, Republic President
Oath: Surya Bonaly
Oath juges: Pierre Bornat
Number of torch bearer: 0
Last torch bearer: Michel Platini, François-Cyrille Grange
Bids towns: Anchorage (USA), Berchtesgaden (GER), Cortina d'Ampezzo (ITA), Lillehammer (NOR), Falun (SWE), Sofia (BUL)