2000 Sydney Summer

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  In 1894, Baron Pierre de Coubertin launched the idea of renovating the Olympic Games. In the year 2000, the games were held in Sydney, which was chosen at the Monaco session. For the last Millennium Games, the city of Sydney called on more than 47,000 volunteers, aged 15 to 83, to ensure that they took place in the best possible conditions, and it succeeded. On a sporting level, apart from a few problems related to doping, these games were a real success.
Dates: September 15 - october 1, 2000
N.O.C. participants: 199
Number of sports: 28
Number of contests: 300
Number of athletes: 10651
Men: 6582
Women: 4069
Volonteers: 46967
Media: 16033
Opening: Sir William Deane, Australia General Gouvernor
Oath: Rechelle Hawkes
Oath juges: Peter Kerr
Number of torch bearer: 0
Last torch bearer: Cathy Freeman
Bids towns: Berlin (GER), Istanbul (TUR), Manchester (GBR), Beijing (CHN)