2012 London Summer

Welcome Day Sport Resuts Français

  At the session held in Singapore, the City of London was designated on 6 July 2005 to host the 2012 Games
Dates: July 27 - august 12, 2012
N.O.C. participants: 204
Number of sports: 26
Number of contests: 302
Number of athletes: 10568
Men: 5892
Women: 4676
Volonteers: 70000
Media: 21000
Opening: HM Elisabeth II
Oath: Sarah Stevenson
Oath juges: Mik Basi
Oath coach: Eric Farrell
Number of torch bearer: 8000
Last torch bearer: Callum Airlie, Jordan Duckitt, Desiree Henry, Katie Kirk, Cameron MacRitchie, Aidan Reynolds, et Adelle Tracey
Bids towns: Paris (FRA), Madrid (ESP), Moscou (RUS), New York (USA)