1956 Melbourne Summer

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  The decision to award the Games to Melbourne was justified above all by the desire to pay tribute to a country that had always been present at the Olympic celebrations since the 1896 renovation. And also by the desire to please the nations of the southern hemisphere, which until then had always been at a disadvantage because of the obligation to travel far away and because of the difference in the seasons.
Dates: November 22 - december 8, 1956
N.O.C. participants: 67
Number of sports: 17
Number of contests: 145
Number of athletes: 3184
Men: 2813
Women: 371
Volonteers: 0
Media: 65535
Opening: S.A.R. duc of Edimbourg
Oath: John Landy
Number of torch bearer: 0
Last torch bearer: Ron Clarke
Bids towns: Buenos Aires (ARG), Los Angeles (USA), Détroit (USA), Mexico (MEX), Chicago (USA), Minneapolis (USA), Philadelphie (USA), San Francisco (USA)