1924 Chamonix Winter

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The results are complete and definitive except IOC decision
Abreviations: WR: World Record, PR: Paralympic Record, NR: National Record, CR: Continental Record

January 24

January 26

SKATING Speed12h45 Men's  Individual   Image icônePatinoire
SKATING Speed10h30 Men's  Individual   Image icônePatinoire

January 27

SKATING Speed10h00 Men's  Individual   Image icônePatinoire
SKATING Speed13h00 Men's  Individual   Image icônePatinoire

January 28

CURLING 10h00 Men's  Team  Sweden - France Image icônePatinoire
ICE HOCKEY 10h30 Men's  Team  Sweden - Switzerland Image icônePatinoire
ICE HOCKEY 13h00 Men's  Team  Belgium - United State of America Image icônePatinoire
ICE HOCKEY 15h00 Men's  Team  Canada - Czechoslovakia Image icônePatinoire
SKATING Artistics09h30 Women's  Individual  compulsory figures Image icônePatinoire

January 29

BIATHLON 08h00 Men's  Team  30 km Image icôneVallée De Chamonix
CURLING 10h00 Men's  Team  Sweden - Great Britain Image icônePatinoire
ICE HOCKEY 10h30 Men's  Team  France - Great Britain Image icônePatinoire
ICE HOCKEY 15h00 Men's  Team  Canada - Sweden Image icônePatinoire
SKATING Artistics13h30 Women's  Individual  free skating Image icônePatinoire
SKATING Artistics09h30 Men's  Individual  compulsory figures Image icônePatinoire

January 30

CURLING 10h00 Men's  Team  Great Britain - France Image icônePatinoire
ICE HOCKEY 09h30 Men's  Team  Canada - Switzerland Image icônePatinoire
ICE HOCKEY 10h45 Men's  Team  Great Britain - Belgium Image icônePatinoire
ICE HOCKEY 14h30 Men's  Team  United State of America - France Image icônePatinoire
SKATING Artistics13h30 Men's  Individual  free skating Image icônePatinoire
SKI Cross-country08h30 Men's  Individual   Image icôneVallée De Chamonix

January 31

ICE HOCKEY 09h30 Men's  Team  United State of America - Great Britain Image icônePatinoire
ICE HOCKEY 10h45 Men's  Team  France - Belgium Image icônePatinoire
ICE HOCKEY 14h30 Men's  Team  Sweden - Czechoslovakia Image icônePatinoire
SKATING Artistics13h30 Mixed  Team   Image icônePatinoire

February 1

ICE HOCKEY 09h30 Men's  Team  Czechoslovakia - Switzerland Image icônePatinoire
ICE HOCKEY 13h30 Men's  Team  Semifinal: Canada - Great Britain Image icônePatinoire
ICE HOCKEY 14h45 Men's  Team  Semifinal: United State of America - Sweden Image icônePatinoire

February 2

BOBSLEIGH 10h00 Men's  Team  run 1 Image icôneQuartier Des Pélerins
BOBSLEIGH 10h00 Men's  Team  run 2 Image icôneQuartier Des Pélerins
ICE HOCKEY 14h30 Men's  Team  Bronze Medal Match: Great Britain - Sweden Image icônePatinoire
SKI Nordic Combined09h30 Men's  Individual  cross country 18 km Image icôneVallée De Chamonix
SKI Cross-country09h30 Men's  Individual   Image icôneVallée De Chamonix

February 3

BOBSLEIGH 10h00 Men's  Team  run 3 Image icôneQuartier Des Pélerins
BOBSLEIGH 10h00 Men's  Team  run 4 Image icôneQuartier Des Pélerins
ICE HOCKEY 14h30 Men's  Team  Final: Canada - United State of America Image icônePatinoire

February 4

SKI Nordic Combined12h00 Men's  Individual  jump Image icôneTremplin Du Mont
SKI Jump14h00 Men's  Individual  60 m Image icôneTremplin Du Mont

February 5

CEREMONY 11h00     Closing ceremony Image icônePatinoire